Water Use and Reuse

We will attempt to use all rain water that falls on the Village. Each home will have a large cistern (el jibe) for drinking water. Water will be directed from the roof, filtered and stored there. When drinking water is needed, a pump will distribute the water to a purification system and then into the home. The pump is powered by solar (photovoltaic) panels. Any excess will be used to water landscaping and gardens. We will have well water available as a backup system that will supply the large cistern. Rain water falling on the ground will be directed to several ponds throughout the site and stored. This will be used to water the landscaping.

All our waste water will be recycled. The gray water will be stored in a tank, be filtered to irrigation standards and used for watering much of the year. The black water will be placed in a tank, processed into gray water, filtered and used for irrigation. We plan to use the sludge from the tanks for compost provided it can be made safe. This will allow us to reuse all of our water and waste. All pool water will be furnished by the well and heated by solar panels. When pool water is changed in May, all will be used for irrigation.