Rancho La Salud Village

We are planning for a village of 37 homes consisting of garden homes, town homes (duplexes) and pool suites, a clubhouse/common house, a conference center, and several small shops. The village will be as sustainable as possible, and center on being a true community where the neighbors know each other. There is parking for each home near the entry within the complex.The roof of the carports will have photovoltaics (electrical solar panels) that will include charging the electric vehicles.

The homes,  resident suites and other buildings will be reached by walking along the pedestrian paths. These paths will allow for golf carts, pull wagons, move-in trucks and emergency vehicles. One of the themes of the neighborhood will be one of healthy life choices, such as exercising, walking, bicycling, and eating healthy.

We want to be aware of our environment and living lightly on the land. The buildings will be constructed to a very high level of green. The theme will be health of body, mind and spirit. The project will encourage the interaction among homeowners, guests, speakers, and visitors.