Sustentabilidad en el Rancho La Salud Village

We have designed Rancho La Salud Village to a high level of  self-sufficiency and to impact its surroundings as little as possible. All buildings are designed to heat and cool themselves. All hot water heating is provided by the sun. Each home produces its own electricity. The home shares its electrical production with the local electrical company such that the total electrical cost is zero.

We are planning to harvest rainwater from the roofs to be filtered and used for drinking water. Gray water from showers and bathroom sinks is used for watering the landscape. The landscaping is organic with no pesticides or herbicides. We are planning to  provide hot water for the bathing pools from solar panels. All the homes use energy efficient lighting, energy efficient appliances, and water saving fixtures.  We have built the homes of carefully selected local materials.

We want to grow much of our own  vegetables and fruits organically. Many of our cars are electric/gasoline hybrids. We reduce our auto use by riding the local bus, bicycling or using electric vehicles. On-site golf carts are all electric. We are setting our goal to recycle 70 percent of our waste.

We plan to meet the US LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) green building rating system for homes, even though  LEED is not yet offered in Mexico. We plan to meet the standards for several green programs offered in different areas of the United States. including the NAHB Green Building Program. This program is not offered here, but gives guidlines which we have tried to follow. 

Sustainability is about how we live and our social structure. It is not just about coming home to our house, it is about coming home to our village of friends. This Village is a place where we will want to live. It will be a part of us.  Villagers will become bonded to each other.