We are planning for three small shops which are important with what we do as a community. The retail shops will provide products and services to the residents.There are four other gated complexes nearby from which to attract clients. The shop owners can bring the product to them by carrying their produce in the back of trucks directly to these and other communities. In our community they can walk door to door and the residents can walk down to the shops.The shops are further supported by people from other surrounding communities.

  • A food shop that will sell organic produce both from greenhouse and community garden.  In addition, It will sell products made by community members (jelly, jam,pies, breads, canned goods, herb-seasoned oils and vinegar. Art work done by the community members will be for sale here. This would include watercolor, oils, pottery, silverware, and jewelry).
  • A preventative medicine shop that has a visiting nurse and a visiting doctor. We will keep records of the health of the community members and what helps them improve over time. We can learn about preventive medicine and we can learn about "wellness".This might include a small pharmacy. 
  • A laundry shop that provides washing drying and ironing of clothes. In our village, the clothes will be picked up and delivered for each residence. Part of this service includes ironing.