Recycling and Composting

We begin recycling at the very beginning of the village. All topsoil is saved and reused later. Any small plants and tree trimmings removed will be used in composting. Any leftover bricks and concrete that can be crushed will be used in the construction of walls and foundations. Construction materials will be recycled. After the village is completed, our goal is to recycle up to 75 percent of  all waste produced in the Village.

General community vegetation

There is always a lot of plant trimmings produced in a tropical climate.The gardeners will put all vegetation matter trimming into the recycling bins.


We are collecting and storing  rainwater and using it on-site. 


 then using graywater to water the site vegetation.

Garbage from food

Separate all vegetable matter and compost.



Alumimum Cans



 (Show photo of recycling bins.)