Purpose, Mission and Values

Vision:  We are creating a village for people who are enjoying life to the fullest. We are practicing good health, engaging in learning, and where we are valuing our neighbors as we age. 


Mission: We are creating an international village where we are connected to our neighbors; where we are using renewable resources to the fullest extent while enjoying life, and having an adventure while taking care of ourselves. We are living together in harmony, being healthy, exercising and constantly learning from ourselves and others.


Values: Each of us acknowledges that to be part of this community is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is a privilege to choose to come together with others to live and thrive for a common vision. Each of us makes available our experience, strengths, and interests for ongoing personal and community development. Each of us aspires to act from these common values and principles:


Community: We are committed to building community, sharing resources, and sharing a sense of neighborhood. We intend to create a community where we can thrive and belong for a lifetime. We strive for mutual respect among ourselves that honors differing viewpoints and beliefs. We believe in the goodness of others. We want to share time and resources with our neighbors in order to meet each other’s needs. We work for the common good of the community. 

Diversity: We are committed to creating diversity in age, race, ethnicity, income level, sexual orientation, physical ability, and interests.  We respect and support the uniqueness and growth of each member and ourselves as a group.

 Individuals: We want to live life to the fullest, to be kind and considerate and to be open and authentic in our relationships; to be truthful and honest.

Stewardship: to conserve and protect the natural environment, to live lightly on the land. We strive to live our lives without comprising the integrity of future generations to meet their needs.

Participation: We are a community in which all residents share the tasks and pleasures of creating and maintaining the physical and social aspects of our common lives.

Education:  We desire to educate ourselves and to help each other grow in life-long learning.

Health: To practice health and well-being in choosing a life-style of healthy eating, exercise, people connection, and mental activity.

Helping Others: We want to help others in need and to give back both within and outside the community.

Setting an example: We want to set an example for others to follow. To make known our way of life and to show how others may live this way; to leave a legacy