Community Goals

  • Making the village into an interactive community where the residents know each other and work together for their common good. We are creating a friendly neighborhood and a close-knit community.
  • Making the community as self-sufficient as possible and very green. We are moving toward sustainability  (total on-site energy and water generation, on-site disposal of water and waste, organically growing some our own food ). We will live in a sustainable way and  find ways to become more sustainable over time. 
  • Concentrating on good health; it is all about living healthier and living longer.We want to emulate the living practices of long-life communities.  (the Blue Zone, AARP).
  • Learning about ourselves, about others and about the world. There will be an informal adult education  with lectures and films on adult issues.
  • Reinforcing the adventure of moving to Mexico by learning the Mexican culture, learning Spanish and being a resident of a very special village. 
  • Planning a Eden-like garden with the homes located within this garden. The homes will open up to this garden and be part of it while still retaining privacy.
  • Designing homes which incorporate Universal Design so the homes are accessible to people of all ages and abilities. This allows all residents to be comfortable here and to be able to use the facilities, including the young, the elderly and the handicapped. The community members may age-in-place comfortably  and to be among friends as they become older.
  • Incorporating affordability by renting and shared ownership (two master bedrooms, some homes with casitas). There are available one bedroom and two bedroom residential suites.
  • Setting an  example for other people on a great way to live