We have devised a wide range of residential prices in hopes of creating an affordable project. Prices shown here should be interpreted in a wider sense since they include more than just the residence. In this Cohousing Community when we price a residence, we include a proportion of the following amenities: Common House with 2 guest rooms, Conference Center, Pool, Spa, Organic Garden, Pedestrian walks, Parking lot, Electric shuttle carts, Entry lobby & reception with guards, Admin building, cohousing conversational technologies and promising social capital "software". We have entire homes called GardenHouses for sale, TownHouses, and Residential/Pool suites. There will be some units for rent in the village for those who choose to rent rather than buy. The residential/pool suites are about 1,076 sf (100 sm) for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom, at approximately $185,000 usd. The TownHouses (2Bd/2br) are 1507 SF (140 m2) and are priced at $250,000 usd. The GardenHouses are about 1,938 SF (180 m2) and are priced at $300,000 usd. All prices are as of November, 2015. These rates will apply to the first 8 investors. The rate of inflation at the north lake area averages 4 percent compounded each year.

Home prices in Ajijic and the surrounding area tend to be slightly less than those in the United States.  The demand is created by the 10,000 plus expats living here and the new arrivals coming here every day.  The average home for sale in a gated community with a pool and clubhouse varies from $140 per square foot to $150 a square foot.  Our homes have an average price of ($300,000/1938 sf) $155 per square foot. This is about 180 square meters at $1,667 usd per square meter. The smaller residential units have a higher price per square foot.  

Our square foot costs are not easily comparable to other gated communities. We have included in the costs making the community sustainable such as passive hot water heating collectors, electric (photovoltaic) panel system, a well, water harvesting systems and special waste systems. The community will be green which adds to the cost. We have included some transportation needs such as electric carts. The conference learning center, warm exercise pool and the steam room/vapor cave are included. We will have a community garden and the use of a large organic greenhouse. These expenses are not typically included in other projects and add to the price per square foot.

These items create value. There will be no utility bills, and this will offset the initial expense over time. Some items of green will pay for themselves over time when the items are more durable. Electric carts make it easier to transport suitcases and groceries and to provide help for those who have difficulty walking. The conference learning center brings interesting people to us and is intellectually stimulating. The spa is centered on health and wellness. It has been said that "Our health is our wealth ".   We will produce some of our food organically which will reduce our food costs  while increasing our health.