Phase Development

Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of most of the infrastructure of the project including the surrounding protective wall, utilities,  the entry gate, and remodeling the common house for community use.;

Phase 2

Phase 2  includes the homes to the west side of the project,  the parking area, and the conference room. The homes will be constructed from the northwest down toward the south. This includes all the landscaping on the west side and the community garden.

Phase 3

The third phase will be the homes to the east side starting with the homes on the northeast and continuing down to the south.  The third phase will include the resident suites, the swimming pool and outdoor amenities. All the landscaping will be done in this area.

Phase 4

Phase four will include the shops to the south, the visitors center and the workshop/storage area.  Landscaping will be finished as each phase is completed.