Education and the Multiversity

The village will be a prototype for a new adult educational approach known as MultiversityMex. This non-profit organization will provide an interesting and enjoyable context for adults (young and mature) to develop higher levels of awareness of themselves and the human condition.  Utilizing guest educators and an interactive approach, we hope to focus on enriching our lives. The initial curriculum will provide a broad based integral and holistic approach by exploring four major tracks: health, sustainability, community living and spiritual development.

The Multiversity´s operation will bring small groups of experts to conferences, lectures and workshops. These are open to our residents at no cost or low cost. We can meet new people, learn new information, increase our knowledge and share our wisdom. There will be several informal talks for the residents and visitors to create more understanding about ourselves, community, our health, our various cultures with emphasis on Mexico and the Mexican culture. It is our way of being a supportive good neighbor to ourselves and to the world at large.

Our master plan includes a  conference building with a rooftop palapa used for lectures and workshops. Experts and outside visitors attending the larger conferences may stay at the common house or at available homes within the community when space is available. The Conference Center, the common house and the available rental homes will bring in extra income for the community. 

Currently, we are using the common house facility for hosting focus group presentations, architectural design meetings and visitors reception. We are also planning to host the initial lecture series soon.

Continuous learning over our lifetime is integral to living a full, interesting and healthy life. We want this to be part of our community and part of our lives.