Landscaping at the Village

Rancho La Salud Village feels like the homes have been set down in a park-like setting. The homes and other buildings are integrated into their surroundings. All plants are to be grown organically with a mixture of edible plants, medicinal plants, herbs, plants for their flowers and plants that attract birds. All existing major large trees are to be saved. The project will have avocados, bananas, papaya, limes, lemons, guayabas, oranges and other fruit trees. Workmen will string netting under the trees during harvest season, collect the fruit and bring fruit to the homes.

All landscaping will be watered with rainwater and gray water. Landscaping and Gardens are fertilized using composted organic matter from garden trimmings and solid waste from the waste treatment facilities. There is a nursery on the property across the street where all plants begin their lives organically.

The landscaping is designed to allow for homeowner interaction.There will be gathering spots where neighbors can sit and talk. The front porch and kitchen are key elements, and the landscaping will not block the view of residents walking on the pedestrian path past the homes.

Landscaping and stone walls will be used for privacy of the bedrooms and the living room/dining area. Raised planters are part of most plazas and remind us of old Mexico . Raised planters occur quite often in the plaza of Mexican towns (see Ajijic, and Chapala). The raised planters will work well for the community members providing sitting spots. These will be built at sitting height (1.5 feet), the lower part built of stone and the sitting part of conterra stone, about 14” wide. We will use raised planters in the garden area and along the pedestrian path for people to sit and talk.

There is a pond and fountain at the end of each pedestrian path. Fountains will be supplied with rainwater and electricity for the pumps from photovoltaics. The fountains are used for aerating the rainwater.