Investment Opportunity


We are planning for future residents to be part of this community and to invest in its success. This is an investment of time in the development of the community and an investment of money. We are offering an investment opportunity in the Rancho La Salud Village to help us finish the development work and to complete the infrastructure on the way to becoming a reality. This is typically done in Cohousing communities to raise capital. The project lot locations, licenses and deeds are approved and complete. The common house is complete with minor remodeling. We now need investments/lot purchases to complete the architectural work, engineering work and the infrastructure. 

The architectural and engineering work includes plans and permits to build the Village. The infrastructure when completed will include the completion of all roads, pedestrian paths, perimeter walls, entry gates, surface water control, the landscaping, the sewer, water, and electrical lines. When done, the lots will be complete and ready for construction. 

Long Term Financing

Here in Mexico long term financing is difficult to obtain.US banks will not lend money on homes in Mexico. Mexican banks take up to a year to qualify a home loan, require 20 percent down, and are up to 14 percent interest. For those who wish to obtain a bank loan, we recommend going to a bank that makes such loans and becoming pre-qualified. There are private short term loans for 3 to 5 years at 10 percent interest. These private loans generally require 50 percent down payment and a income of more than $3000 USD per month. In addition, some carry a 5 percent initial finders fee. Therefore, most home are purchased here for cash.  We do not have financing available but can make recommendations to such sources.

Lot Investment

We offer an  investment  where the investor/owner will select a lot. Each lot worth is estimated at  $100,000 US  upon completion of the infrastructure. Some lots have a premium added to the price because of size or location. For those who invest early, they will receive a discount of 10% on their lot.  For instance, if you are the third investor in the project your lot will cost  $90,000. If you choose lot 14  it has a premium of $5000, for a total of $95,000.  

The owner invests in Rancho la Salud Village by placing the funds for his lot with Multiversity Corporation. The owner is entitled to a certain lot and is an investor in Rancho la Salud Village.. The buyer and owner agree that the investment in this project is equal to the purchase price of the lot. 

The lot may be released to the buyer upon written request prior to the beginning of construction of the home after 3 months from the date of purchase.The buyer will pay for all closing costs and be issued a deed for the lot. In the case of the sale of the lot owned by the buyer, the buyer/owner must offer the lot to the Rancho La Salud homeowner association for purchase at the original price paid. If declined, the lot must be offered to Multiversity Corporation. If neither purchases the lot, then it can be offered for sale to the public provided that Multiversity Corporation approves the new buyer.


The buyer and owner agree that they are creating a Cohousing neighborhood. It is not an opportunity for buying and selling lots for a profit. The community members do not want to have a lot buyer holding a lot for years without building a home.  Multiversity Corporation and the homeowers' association require control on the type of home built.

Home Construction

Once you invest in Rancho La Salud Village, then we can start construction on your home. You will need to place the full amount for construction the construction account of Multiversity Corporation.

Within 3 months of the initial investment, the buyer shall place the full amount of the cost of the home and start construction. Once the construction of the home is begun and the foundation is in place, the home must be completed. Upon the completion of the home, Multiversity will release it and the owner can add the value of the house to the original deed. The buyer will pay all closing costs. The buyer may sell, rent or occupy the home once released. 


Once the construction of the home is begun and the foundation is in place, the home must be completed. It is the best interests of the buyer to finish the home even if there is a death or divorce involved so that a finished home may be sold. It is in the best interests of Rancho La Salud Village homeowners association and Multiversity Corporation to have a completed home within the Village. An unfinished home could be in litigation for years and probably would be sold at a loss.

Lot Premiums

Certain lots carry premiums. Lots 01, 12, 13, and 21 have a $10,000 premium. Lots 02, 03, 19, and 20  have a $7500 premium. Lots 10, 11, 14, 15 have a $5000 premium. The remaining lots have no premium. The premium is added at the time of selecting the lot. 

Discounts for Early Investors

The investor may invest in their future lots as follows:

  • investor 1 $50,000.
  • investor 2 $70,000
  • investor 3 $90,000
  • investor 4 $90,000
  • investor 5 $90,000
  • investor 6 $90,000
  • investor 7 $90,000

We are planning that the infrastructure will be completed in sync with residence sales. The homeowners who have selected their lots will  place a down payment on the cost of construction and we will begin construction. We are hoping the home will be completed within 8 months. These will be stand-alone homes. These times may vary. 

Homeowners Selling Lots

Owners may sell their lots but we ask that the lot owners explain in full to the buyers what the expectations are to live in such a community and that the buyers attend two homeowners meetings. We want people to become community members who really want to live here.  

These additional discounts apply only to GardenHouses. Townhouses and residential/Pool Suites are direct cash sales and already considers its original discount price. There may be other types of investments available. Please ask about these.


The developer already owns the land and has an approved site plan. The future Common House already exists on the property and is part of the value in use of your lot and home. The developer will be living in this community and has a vested interest in its success. Come join us in a new way of living. You will become part of the planning process of this community.