Friends of the Village

Our Friends

We are delighted to have friends of the village so we created a special section for our friends. Our friends believe in our new community that is founded on knowing our neighbors and working together. They are willing to tell others about us. We greatly appreciate our friends giving us a help in spreading the word and bringing folks to see our “community in progress”.  

We like having friends! Being our friend is about using your special talents. We know you have special talents and can be of great help to us with your ideas and knowledge. This is one way of giving back and to leave a legacy. What we are creating now will carry forward into the future. We cordially invite you to share your knowledge and talents with us. We know not all our friends will necessarily live here, but they believe in what we are trying to create.  


We do spend some money on advertising. If you as one of our friends bring us a new community member who signs up for a building a home, you will save us the advertising cost. We happily share that savings with you with a reward of $1000 US. For friends wishing to contact us in Ajijic, Mexico call Rick 376 766 2789 or Jaime 045 333 505 9994. For contacting us from US, use Vonage 303 317-6325.