Energy Generation and Use

The village has been designed to use a series of passive heating and passive cooling methods to make our homes comfortable. We are designing outdoor areas to be used year-round. 

Our goal is to achieve “net zero” electrical cost by using electrical photovoltaic panels. This means we will feed excess electricity that we generate during the day back into the grid to offset our electrical usage from the grid at night resulting in net zero in our electrical bills. The golf carts and hybrid cars can be charged by photovoltaic panels on the carport roofs. The cart batteries will be connected to our emergency walk lighting system throughout the project.

We will have a separate emergency photovoltaic system with batteries to run the water pump at the well to maintain the water pressure throughout the project. 

We are planning for passive solar hot water panels with a large well-insulated electric water storage tank. We will store heated water in this tank  during the day for use at night. The tank  has a elctrical backup as part of the net zero system. We will cook with electrical  ranges.