Being Green

Being green is in part being sustainable. Being totally sustainable is being totally independent from all utilities and  being able to  provide all needs of the community. Being green is moving toward sustainability, providing many of the things that make the community less dependent on outside sources. We are becoming more sustainable. We are a very high level of green. How we build and how we live will have a reduced impact on the environment. The smaller the home the less impact it has on the environment.

Green Features 

  • Building materials chosen based on low impact on environment.
  • Recycled building materials
  • 100 percent passive solar heating
  • 100 percent passive cooling
  • 100 percent passive solar hot water
  • All rooms have natural daylighting (no electrical lighting during the day)
  • Net zero electrical energy use (photovoltaic panels, feedback to grid)
  • Harvested rainwater from roof to large underground tank 
  • Organic garden/roof water, gray water storage
  • Total recycled gray water 
  • Total recycled sewage water changed to gray water (round tank)
  • Compost bins
  • Sorting bins for glass, metal, cardboard, aluminum cans, vegetable compost 
  • Solar used for community warm water exercise pool and swimming pool
  • Entire landscaping areas organic.
  • Community organic garden watered with rainwater and well water.
  • Access for gardener to growing areas and editable landscaping