Development Team

Matt Worswick is serving as a consultant to Rancho La Salud Village, focusing on residential designs, community features and facilities. He is an expert in cohousing design and sustainable technologies. Matt has specialized in energy efficient and environmentally responsible residential design for the past 30 years and has completed over 250 projects in Colorado, including custom homes, additions, and six cohousing communities. Matt has travelled extensively in Mexico over the past 35 years, and enjoys the incredible variety of the country, as well as the climate, food, and people. He worked as the lead designer, and project manager for the Olabrisa community in Todos Santos, Mexico. Matt is the owner and principal in Synergy Design, and a founding member of the award-winning Harmony Village Cohousing Community in Golden, CO, where he designed the neighborhood and participated in all aspects of the project development process. He currently lives (and works) in Harmony Village with his wife and daughter.

Rick Cowlishaw currently lives in Ajijic, Mexico with his wife Wanda. He has been an architect in Colorado and several other states. He specialized in energy efficient and passive solar homes. Rick later worked for the State of Colorado in the Colorado Office of Energy Conservation where he headed up the residential section. Cowlishaw created the Colorado Green Program for the state. This was adopted by the Denver Homebuilders Association as the Built-Green program and spread to other areas of the state. Later the National Homebuilders Association adopted the Green Program which led to 38 states in the US adopting of similar green programs. Since that time he has worked as a design consultant in a new type of housing called Cohousing. He has lived in Cohousing for 14 years. Rick brings to Rancho La Salud his knowledge of passive solar architecture, green building, self-sufficiency and building community.

Jaime Navarro is Rancho La Salud´s owner and developer. He specialized in organic agriculture, sustainable living systems, family business management and coaching. A Lakeside resident, business entrepreneur and neo-farmer since 2008, he actively participates in the Lake Chapala Green Group and has committed his life to bringing healthy organic foods, intelligent sustainable cohousing and multiversity education and coaching, for the integral evolution of human consciousness. He lived, studied and worked in the US for 15 years as a research fellow & lecturer at UCLA and The Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California. He later returned to Mexico and served as Dean for the ITESM (Tecnologico de Monterrey) Graduate School of Business at Guadalajara and lectured extensively at US, Canadian and Mexican universities before settling at Rancho La Salud Village. Jaime and Sara are its founders and first dwellers.

Denia Navarro is an architect major from ITESM (Tecnologico de Monterrey) in Guadalajara and is a second generation member of her family business at lakeside. She specialized in project design using digital tools and is serving with the international team of Architects expediting drawings, renderings, scaled models, and landscaping designs for Rancho La Salud Village. She has been an international exchange fellow at the School of Arts and Architecture Lorenzo De Medici in Florence, Italy and is an enthusiast of Contemporary Mexican Architecture which she hopes to include in some of the projects elements.

Roberto Millan ( is architect, established in Ajijic since 1990. During the past 25 years has developed his professional experience mainly in the Rivera of Chapala and Guadalajara, specializing in the design and construction of private houses. He has also done projects for markets, drives sports and municipal presidencies for the Government of the State of Jalisco; He was director of the project and construction of the plant for packaging and area of social events for the company "Tequila San Matías" ( works awarded by the society of engineers and architects of Guadalajara. Roberto participates in the Rancho La health project with their knowledge of the local architecture in its design, construction and cost aspects.