Community Garden

The community garden in the Village is a place for us to grow our own organic vegetables and it is a way we can work together to know each other better. We try to work in groups of two, and share our work and experiences. Visitors walk by our growing areas on the way to the common house, and see how well our garden is growing. Our garden actually extends to fruit trees scattered throughout the project on common property. There is nothing like fresh vine-rippened tomatoes or sweet bananas off the tree. 

We are farming across the street in the large greenhouse and other outdoor areas. It is great to grow our own organic produce year-round!  We intend to grow more than we can eat, and to sell the surplus in the organic produce shop in the front of the complex and at the organic market in Ajijic on Tuesdays. 

Gardening has many benefits. We put our hands in the soil, which provides a connection to where our food comes from. Most of vegetable growing is a yearly cycle with the promise of rebirth and growth every year, a positive experience. The bending and lifting of garden work provides exercise for us. When we farm organically, we eat  healthy and nutritious food. When we garden with our neighbors, we visit and connect. The more food we produce for ourselves, the more self-sufficient we become.