Common Facilities

The clubhouse/common house

We are remodeling the existing residence into the Community cliubhouse, This building is the heart of the community where the residents may gather for meetings, have meals, and other community activities. It has a kitchen, a  dining room/meeting room, a coffee bar, a serving bar, a living room/TV area, a courtyard/atrium, a gym, mailboxes, information board, two bedrooms and 2 baths. The bedrooms may be used by people visiting community  members. The common house may be rented for lectures and workshops.

The Pool and Exercise Areas

We are designing a Pool and exercise area for the enjoyment of the residents and guests. The large pool will have a lounging area, a sunken bar area, a waterfall, a warm exercise pool and swim lanes. Nearby will be a Mescal (steam bath-like area in a rock formation), The common house will have have a exercise room with men and women changing area with showers, and bathrooms.

The Conference Center

There will be a conference center next to the common house which can seat 50. The conference center is used for guest lectures, community member talks, and continuing educational lectures. This space may be used for homeowner meetings when not otherwise in use. The roof will have a covered outdoor space for dances, outdoor lectures, exercise classes and entertaining.


The Residential Suites

The resident suites will consist of 10 units of one or two bedrooms, bath, small kitchen, dining room, living room and balcony. These are to be individually owned.

The Shops

There will be several shops located to the south of the property on the main highway. One shop will be for the selling of organic produce from the greenhouse from the community garden and from individual gardens. This includes fresh berries, jams, jellies, herbs, spices, and homemade pies, all organic. Another shop will be a laundry for washing, drying and ironing of clothes. One shop would be a small wellness center with certain hours for a doctor 10 hours a week, a nurse 10 hours a week, and a fitness director trained in diet and exercise. These shops can be easily walked to by the residents as well as driven up to from the highway.