What do you think creates Mexican Design in homes? What speaks to you of Mexico? Architectural photos are welcome as part of the explanation. What does handcrafted mean to you? How can this be expressed in the architecture? 


Great questions!! I have

Great questions!! I have always thought the answer would contain two elements: one individual and the other collective. In the latter sense, there is the nonlinearity of the arches, the cupolas, the rounded edges, the rugged walls, the mix of building materials such as wood, brick, stones, cantera, adobe, etc.... the things one sees from a historical social and cultural perspective. In the former sense, there is the experiential, physical and emotional, having tasted the actual feelings of being there with a sense of awe all the time, the freshness of the floorings, the colourful ambiance, the aliveness of walking through the different sites whether the kitchen, the porches, terraces, gardens, etc... in other words, my inner world is creating my outer worlds.