Wall E and Green

March 20, 2013

This fun animated movie Wall E was enjoyable and I recommend it.

An automated trash compacting robot is doing his job, scooping up trash on the ground and squishing them into squares of compacted material. We see signs that say “BIG-N-LARGE” everywhere. There are even “BIG-N-LARGE” dollars scattered outside the bank.

He just keeps stacking these squares higher and higher. There are stacks that are higher than surrounding building towers. Cute little guy! We see there are other robots like him, but they stopped in their tracks, apparently worn out. There is nothing green to be seen. Wall E’s name comes from the clean-up effort on earth of all the junk. Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth class “wall e” It was a failure.

A female probe is dropped off from “out there”. She is all white, smooth with blue eyes, and she is looking for something. Wall E is in love. Wow! It is a love story. Wall E and Eva get to know each other, hold hands and he shows her his “art” collection. He is a collector of good quality trash. In the trash is a green growing plant. She takes it, stuffs it inside her, sends a message and shuts down. The space ship comes, picks her up and the ship takes off.

Wall E hops on the outside of the space ship and he is off to see the gigantic space city in the sky. More signs of “BIG-N-LARGE”. The ship is full of round pillow-soft people all from earth. They have been in space for many generations. We have special hover chairs so we have no need of walking. In fact we forgot how to walk. If we fall out of our chairs, we can’t get up. We only ride in our hover chairs and drink milkshakes. They must be yummy because we drink a lot of them and we have grown into blimps. What’s more fun than that! There are large swimming pools, but no one is swimming. The BnL logo is everywhere.

Then we discover the probe, Eva, the Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, has returned positive with vegetation, and everyone’s going back home. The ship’s computer tries to get rid of the plant, so the captain will not return to earth. We guess that the computer likes being in control. The ship returns to earth, and we have to cope with an earth that is just beginning to recover.

This is lighthearted movie, or is it? The plot has a scary underlining message. We are not recycling enough, and we may be buried in our own waste. This includes what we are doing to our atmosphere. We eventually “trash” the earth and have to leave. In the end, we will return and have to rebuild what the robots couldn’t.

This movie brings new meaning to reduce, reuse and recycle. We have a choice to save our world now so we don’t have to leave. We can recycle the trash we make. We can clean up our house, the earth. If we don’t clean up, where else do we plan to live?

There is a message about sitting and not walking. We need to walk. If we spend most of our time sitting or reclining, then we will become overweight and weak.

Another message is “BIG-N-LARGE”. If we eat big and large portions of food, we ourselves will become big and large. Milkshakes are for once-in-a-while treats if at all. Fast food is not a good steady healthy diet. Of course, you could buy stock in “BIG-N-LARGE”.

The end message is if we start now, we can change this future. There is always hope. So let’s begin so we can have a brighter more enjoyable future.