Living in Ajijic and Lake Chapala

The north shore of Lake Chapala is one of the best places in the world to live. It has the best year-round climate where everything grows all year long.

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It has much natural beauty and the lake is surrounded by mountains. Lake Chapala is the largest lake Mexico at about 50 miles long and 14 miles wide. It has the best organized and largest expat community in Mexico and the Lake Chapala Society has over 30 different clubs you can join. Visit the Lake Chapala Society Website

One of the special attractions of life on the Lake Chapala is that it has a slower pace than in the U.S or Canada, the Mexicans here are very friendly, and are happy to have us here. Expats here have said it is not an issue of having enough to do. It is an issue of having to pick and choose from the incredible number of wonderful things to do.

The Rancho La Salud Village community is ideal for expats who come to the Lake Chapala area, as it offers close neighborhood connections similar to an extended family with an emphasis on health.

Some of the reasons for Lake Chapala’s popularity with English speaking expatriates are:

  • Close proximity to USA
  • • Low Cost of Living
  • • Better Value For Your Retirement Dollar
  • • Warm Sunny Climate for Retirement That is Comfortable All Year
  • • Largest English Speaking Expat Community in the Western Hemisphere
  • • Easy Access to the USA, a One Day Drive to Texas
  • • Excellent and Affordable Medical Care
  • • Direct Plane Flights From Guadalajara, Mexico

 L.A. is 3 hours away, Dallas 2 hours away, Chicago, 3.5 hours away. Lake Chapala's shores are dotted with charming and peaceful towns. Approximately 20,000 North Americans (some estimates go as high as 30,000) reside on the lake's north shore. Although the lake measures 55 by 15 miles wide, most of the expatriates live within 20 miles of one another on the north shore in the towns of Chapala, Ajijic and Jocotepec (and numerous smaller towns in between). With its near-perfect climate, cobblestone streets, flowering trees, year-round growing season, lush mountains, tranquil lifestyle and low cost-of-living, Lake Chapala has become a popular destination for foreign visitors and retirees.

Lake Chapala